24 Hour Queens - NYC Free Blocked Driveway Towing Company

Fast Towing for Blocked Driveways in Queens and the entire New York City area including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx at anytime! Call us today.

Kwick Towing and Recovery offers free 24 hour blocked driveway removal services. Living in such a busy and congested area, you will certainly come across someone blocking your active driveway. Sometimes, people are in a rush and pull up in front of others driveways not knowing its an active driveway. Other times, they simply take a chance to block the driveway thinking they would be back shortly. Either which way, you do not want anyone blocking your driveway in queens, manhattan, Brooklyn, or the bronx. You never know when you might run through an emergency where you need to pull out of your driveway.

Car Blocking a Driveway in Queens NYC.